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Calvin Tyndall
Drupal Development
Drupal Theming
PHP Developer
Strategy Planning
Web Design
Web Development
Javascript / jQuery
Grunt / Gulp
Sass / Compass

Calvin Tyndall

Technical Lead

To be a Monkey requires skill, versatility, and quite a bit of flare. In Calvin, we found excessive amounts of all three. Calvin is an extremely skilled and experienced Drupal Developer (since Drupal 4.3 – really!?), but his life experience really puts him over the top.

Having previously earned his keep in entertainment and public speaking, he takes creativity, problem solving, and communication to the next level. Thankfully, he now focuses his magic on helping the team build extraordinary code through systems, tools and automation. His innate ability to think outside the box allows him to break solutions down into easily manageable concepts – leading and mentoring our teams to achieve high quality results.