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Denis Babineau

Denis Babineau

Front-End Monkey/Senior "T'eemer"

Denis is one of the few monkeys working remotely – which may be a good thing, as we mock him continually about his French accent. Unfortunately, our mockery is only an outward example of our jealousy, as Denis is also the only “officially” bilingual member of the Adventure team.

From his home in Moncton, New Brunswick, Denis manages to fling code with the best of them, creating front-end user experiences that surpass client expectations consistently. With experience ranging from Graphic Design, to User Interfaces, to Front-End Programming, Denis is able to take on any task we throw at him. 

So sure of his talents, Denis challenged the Cheeky Monkey Media entrance test (a perplexing development task meant to gauge a developer’s level of experience and talent). To this day, Denis is still the highest scoring member of the team, and one of a very few to have completed the entire task. When somebody aces the entrance test, it’s only fair to keep him around.