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Joel Trischuk
Project Management

Joel Trischuk

Senior Cat Herder and Chaos Calmer

Bringing some base level of decorum to the Cheeky playpen, Joel serves as the cat-herding Project Manager of the troop.  He's got a programming and Quality Assurance background before he made the jump into project management so he has a wide breadth of experience to bring to bear. In his nearly 15 years he's worked on a wide range of desktop, mobile, and web software development projects, so the problem you're looking to solve isn't likely to throw him for a loop.  He's also got a good track history of coming up with novel solutions to the problems that we know always creep up on every project.  In short - When you bring your project to Cheeky Monkey, you're in experienced hands.

When he's not making sure your projects are on-budget and on-time, he's reading way too much, playing with his kids, and if he ever gets time, decompressing with some video games.  He's also really into philosophy, but has finally figured out after 20 years of one-sided arguments that no one cares -- and that it's probably better that way.