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3 Skillz You Need to Rock to Become a Web Developer or Designer


Are you a budding developer who needs a few tools to get your skillz a rollin? Trust me; we love a rockin monkey developer who wants to develop his banana makin’ skillz. So, if you were a budding developer, what skills should you start working on?

#1. Photo Shop

Whether you’re a designer or a developer, get your photo shop skills going. Sit down for a few hours each week and do some self-teaching. Of course, you can always check out YouTube for some fabulous tutorials as well. If you want to learn, you have to put in the time.

#2. Get Your Free Resources On

Why should you suffer with not knowing what’s going on in the web develop world? Get on the Internet and see what free resources are available to you. If you are lacking skills in graphics, design, or development, then it’s time to dive in.

#3. Text Editor

Who doesn’t need skills in the text editor department? This monkey suggests you listen to the wise words of an author from Life Hacker “Just as Photoshop is an indispensable tool to a web designer, a great programming-friendly text editor is to a programmer.”

These are just a few tips and tools you’ll need to become a fabulous developer or designer. Of course, there is a more comprehensive list from this resource. Do you want our suggestion? Follow these suggestions and dig in, you won’t be sorry! 

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