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5 Marketing Tasks That Need to Happen Before You Launch Your Website

Launching a website is exciting. It usually happens after a rather long commitment, and getting wrapped up in the moment can make it easy to forget some critical tasks.

Taking care of these five items will make your launch both easier and much more likely to succeed.

1. Know your target market

Ok, I hope that if you are ready to launch your site that this step took place a LONG time ago. It is one of the first things that we do with our clients, and it is essential to know who you are talking to before any strategizing can even begin.

Even once your website is ready to launch does not mean that you are done with this step. In fact, you are just beginning. All of your marketing HAS to talk to your potential target market, this includes ads, content and design.

2. Do your keyword research

keyword research

If you have the first task taken care of, this one is going to be much easier. First you want to know who you want to talk to, and then we want to know how they are using the Search Engines.

This task is going to involve a lot of research, but trust me it will be worth it. Once you have a list of likely keyword search terms, then you can start to tailor your content so that you start to show up in the Search Engine results.

3. Have a strategy in place

Sttrategy is important

So now we know who we want to talk to and how they are likely to find them. Now we have to figure out HOW we are going to talk to them.

These days there are so many different ways to be heard, from blog posts to video and all the steps in between. A good Marketing Strategy will be able to leverage all the different platforms and create content for each. Sometimes it is just as important WHEN you say something as to how you say it.

4. Learn to love the numbers

know your numbers

Once we have a strategy in place, now we need to check to see if it is actually working. These days we use analytics to track metrics. The key here is to be able to take those metrics and make some sort of sense out of them. Usually this involves some fairly in-depth analysis,and yes lots of numbers, but once again it is worth it.

5. Be ready to pivot

be ready to change direction

To be honest, I think this is the most important and the hardest step of the five I have listed. The actual pivoting part is not the key, it is knowing when or if you should pivot.

If you have a great Marketing strategy in place and you are still not seeing results, it is very easy to say that big changes are needed. This may be the case, but it is just as likely that more time or some small tweaks are all that is needed. You will need to utilize experience, patience and marketing knowledge to know when a pivot is needed and it is entirely likely that this will require a marketing professional.


Launching a successful website is so much more then the design and the code. It takes a well structured thoughtful approach. Get those taken care of and you are much more likely to succeed.

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