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5 Reasons to Use Drupal in 2013


Maybe you know lots of reasons that you should be using Drupal, but today we are going to get down and personal with some true reasons why you should be using Drupal in 2013.

#1. Easiest Out There

Okay, our monkeys are some of the best developers out there, but we still prefer Drupal to Joomla or WordPress. Joomla is nice but it’s just not as easy to manipulate and it’s definitely not as search engine friendly as Drupal. WordPress is equally awesome, but it’s not as extendable as Drupal. Drupal is also timeless, so if you are building a website right now and plan on being able to use it later down the road, Drupal is easily the way to go.

#2. Flexibility

One of the coolest parts of Drupal is the flexibility of it. Not only can something be made from scratch, but if you are looking for a specific Drupal recipe, you can probably find the code for something you want. Default or no default it is probably built or you can hire someone to build it for you.

#3. Community

Cheeky Monkey Media talks about the Drupal community all the time, but it’s true. You just do not find a better community of developers out there. It’s very clear that Drupal is here to stay. It’s been around for several years and has gone through several changes, but it still remains the strongest developer tool out there.

#4. Control

Not only is Drupal flexible but it also allows the user a lot of control. If you were to use WordPress or Joomla it can be tough to manipulate it to do what you want. That’s why with Drupal you can get the control you want from the look to the content management. Drupal allows the web master to set several controls, so features can be accessed easily.

#5. Resources

A favorite of Cheeky Monkey Media is the resources offered by the Drupal community. It’s not something you need to spend years in school for and it’s a very teachable tool. It takes time and effort to really get to know Drupal, but if you don’t understand something there are podcasts, tutorials, handbooks, and even several Drupal communities you can be a part of.

Some of the best websites out there are built by Drupal. These websites have to be user friendly but also have to run smoothly because massive amounts of people use the websites every day. Not only is Cheeky’s website run by Drupal, but websites like and have used Drupal’s skills at some point in time. Need more reasons to use Drupal? Here are a few resources for you.

Clearly we are not the only ones who think Drupal is pretty awesome.

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