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5 Tools a Drupal Development Team Can Use to Communicate


Communication is extremely important and one of the only ways to make a team work together. Cheeky Monkey Media consists of several Drupal developers working together to create awesome websites for our clients.

Each and every day we must work together, while we are not often in the same area. Here are several tools you can use to stay in touch with your team of Drupal developers.

#1. Chat

Instead of spending hours and hours talking on the phone, chatting has changed the way people communicate. It’s an important communication tool because it allows you to be connected with other freelancers when you are all in different locations.

Often times another developer might have a question and through chat everyone has an opportunity to help the other developer out. You might want to use a tool as basic as Google Chat or you can create your very own chat room on Skype for all the developers.

#2. Basecamp

A big issue in communication is that words get lost between all the emails and chats. If you are working on a big project and need every word recorded, then Basecamp is the way to go. You can assign projects and also keep the communication on record.

If you forget something that has been said then all you need to do is go back and have another look at it. One of the coolest parts of Basecamp is that you can house several projects. So, you can stay organized and communicate on a regular basis with your team.

#3. Facebook Group

While a Facebook group might not be the most traditional way to communicate it is free and easy. Facebook groups can be set as private and that means you can invite all of you developers and everything can stay safe from the outside world.

If the Facebook group is good for anything it is a great place for a Drupal developer water cooler. Developers can share leads, hints or just fun items they have found throughout the day. When you spend all day on a computer, you are bound to come across some interesting pieces.

#4. Google Docs

Some companies are looking high and low to find those perfect communication tools, but most of them are right in front of their eyes. Take Google Docs for example. Anything you need to write, store or communicate can be done with one simple tool. Remember that Google Docs is now referred to as Drive, but it’s still as good and reliable as the previous.

Gmail is also a good tool for communication because it keeps all of your emails together. Instead of having to go back and dig through your emails, Gmail will keep all emails sent from the same stream together. That makes communication really easy for a busy Drupal development team.

#5. Zoho

If you are a web development team that is into assigning and completing tasks then you might like Zoho. Zoho is not free, but many people like it because it’s easy to use. Plus you can store information all in one place.

How do you communicate with your development team?



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