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6 Ways to Deal with Negativity in Web Design


Working in web design and development is a guarantee that you will deal with some sort of negativity. Of course we would rather all avoid it, but you can’t just ignore it. There are people out there who will spend their free time dragging you down. You can’t let it get to you and here are some ways you can deal with it.

#1. Just Keep Trucking

A lot of times we stop to give in to negativity and it just brings us further down. The one moment you let the negativity get to you, then the enemy has won. That negativity can ruin you as a person and as a creative business. Deal with this negativity by “trucking” on through.

#2. Keep Your Attitude Right

How many of us falter because we have the wrong attitude? Something doesn’t go our way, so our attitude gets worse. We grow bitter and lash out at the wrong person. If your attitude stays in the right place, then you will be able to deal with negativity. This does not mean that you won’t have your days, but with a positive attitude you can have more good days and less bad.

#3. Fall Back on Your Team

Most developers and designers work in groups or have some network of people they mingle with. When negativity comes your way it’s time to lean on those who understand what you’re going through. If a project didn’t go as you planned, then talk it through with someone who knows what you are dealing with. Falling back on your team will help you deal with the negativity that seems to pop up often in web design.

#4. Understand Everyone Has an Opinion

Just like you have an opinion so does everyone else out there in cyber space. The Internet allows for people to state their opinion without having any repercussions. Your boss, project manager and fellow designers will also have an opinion. Do not disregard their opinion entirely, but do understand that people have opinions and they will use them, even if they are unwelcome.

#5. Know the Difference

Feedback and negativity are on way different spectrums. If someone has feedback for you, then you should consider it. A person who wants to give constructive criticism will do so in a professional manner. Your job as a designer, business owner or developer is to take feedback and apply it appropriately.

#6. Understand Your Uniqueness

Everyone that works in web design or web development brings a special aspect to the team. If you want to deal with negativity, then understand how important your role is to the team. When negativity knocks you down, knock it out with a positive comeback. Understand that you valuable to your team and no one can take that away from you.

What’s the bottom line?

You will run into negativity in web design, but if you want success in this business you cannot let it get to you. You can have your moment and then move on but it’s not worth dwelling on it. Think about a monkey and when he slips on that banana peel. He has two choices.

  1. Stay Down
  2. Get Up

Which one would you choose? Has your company ever dealt with negativity? If so, how did you deal with it? Were you as graceful as the monkey who got back up?

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