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Adding A Node to a Node Queue

We use the Nodequeue module often on our projects, it just makes life so much easier when you need a way to control a listing of content. Here is the steps we give our clients on the two ways to add a node to a specific queue. In this example our client had a queue named "Blow Out Specials".

Option 1:

  1. Go to Content Managment → Node Queue → List
  2. On list page click View beside the “Blow Out Special list” 
  3. In the textbox which says “Enter the title of the node to add it to the queue” type in the name of the product you’d like to add. As you are typing it will list suggested products based on the letters typed
  4. Click Add Node
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add multiple Items
  6. Click Save

Option 2:

1. Go to the product page you wish to add "Blow Out Specials"

2. Tabs along the top of the product will be “View, Edit, Nodequeue” 

3. On this page it’ll list out the available Node Queues, click Add to queue for the “Blow out Specials” to add it to that queue

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