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Friday Drupal Round Up

Brian's Friday Round Up Lotsa Drupal All the Time



This has been a great week at DrupalCon in Portland. I went, but they had to sneak me in. Why? You ask. Well, I am a monkey and real monkeys are not welcome at these sorts of events. However, the Cheeky Monkey Media humans were there and I watched from Gene’s backpack.

You are probably so excited for this week’s round up!

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

This week in monkey land…

-First of all, many of you are wondering how Drupal and social media works. Well, this monkey right here breaks it down for you in this blog post.

-Secondly, if you are concerned about safety in a Drupal site, you might want to consider these 5 Drupal security tips.

-Some of you are still confused on the whole Drupal CMS situation. Rick breaks down this curious monkey question right here.

What’s happening around the web?

-Well, we were hard core about preparing for DrupalCon and we found this incredible blog post last week on 10 ways to prepare for DrupalCon Portland.

-This monkey wrote this cool little piece last week about how excited we are about DrupalCon. You might just want to read it.

WOW! That is a lot of cool information to take in. Stay tuned for the month of June because Cheeky Monkey Media has some cool things up our monkey sleeves!

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