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Brian's Friday Round Up: Monkeys Riding Dogs, Beauty and the Beast, It's a Weird One


This week was a little wild for me. I know I’m a monkey and I’m supposed to live in the wild, but this week was like being a blender without a top. However, it’s Friday and that means the weekend is here, so I can rock and roll. Trust me, monkeys know how to party.

This week we have some awesome stuff to share. From Drupal to responsive web design to commercial progression- we are going to cover it all right here.

Let’s start with our own Drupal monkey blog:

Let’s talk about things we have found around the web this week:

  • This is a hot post about Google forking Webkit. If you have no idea what that means, then you better get a readin.’
  • Join Appnovation for this live webinar. Some hot stuff is occurring here: Live Webinar: Building Rich Internet Apps with Drupal & HTML5. Learn more about this live webinar and register for it right here.
  • Alright Drupal folks: you might find this useful: Don't sync Drupal files to local environments. Redirect them Instead. We thought you’d enjoy it ;).

I truly hope you enjoyed this week’s round up. I also thought you would enjoy this picture of a monkey riding a dog. You’re welcome.

Monkey on a Dog

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