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Brian's Friday Round Up- Stuff You Don't Want to Miss


This has been a crazy week for some of us monkeys. We’ve been busy working on client’s websites and networking in Drupal. It’s Friday again and that means it’s time for another fun roundup from Cheeky Monkey Media. Round ups are like the banana on the banana sundae for us. We love seeing what the week brought us and what we’ve learned over the past seven days!

What’s happening around the web?

  • One of our monkeys shared this incredible tutorial on learning GIT branching. You can see that right here.
  • Gotta hand the credit over to Rick for this valuable find: Yahoo finally acquired TUMBLR. Does that make you monkey happy or sad?
  • This neat article talks about the next changes in Google and how mobile infrastructure is going to be an imperative part of that change!
  • Hopefully you caught this awesome webinar from Appnovation this week. It was over the benefits of open web experience management.
  • O yeah…how are you digging the hash tags on Facebook

What’s happening around the monkey web?

  • This awesome blog post talks about protecting against WordPress vulnerabilities. Great read and talks about security which is important on the web.
  • What does Drupal Etiquette have to deal with it? Let us show you!
  • Have you ever stopped to think about the demand of the web developer and just how important they are to the web?

That’s a wrap monkey fans! We love sharing the web with you each week. Make sure you stop by our website to see what Cheeky Monkey Media

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