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Commercial Progression: Designers of Drupal


One of the most well-known content managements systems is Drupal. This company is used by 2.1% of all websites in the world. The designer of Drupal is Alex Fisher, from Dearborn Michigan, who began this business in 2009 with only six employees.

In the early 2000’s, Alex Fisher worked for Ford while going to school at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. During this time Ford had a TV network with various channels, which showed how to fix and sell cars. Fisher then joined a company called Move Network, and was laid off in 2009 when the economy began to suffer. It was here when Fisher decided to take a risk: he would begin his own company with 4,000 dollars.

Fisher’s decision was a success and Commercial Progression was born. This is a business of software developers and graphic designers. At this time, Fisher had four contractors working with him.

However, it was worth it. The company’s business has increased times ten since the first year. They serve prominent clients such as the National Geographic Channel, the University of Michigan and Warrior Sports.

“There is a shortage for great Drupal developers which is why some of the bigger companies end up hiring some of the smaller shops rather than large consulting companies,” Fisher said in an interview.

Fisher said that at one point a client had sent out a marketing campaign for readers to get a large prize, yet he didn’t give them much notice. In response to this, the company scaled their resources and began using cloud Hosting with Amazon Web Services.

Commercial Progression is located in downtown Northville, Michigan where Fisher is from. He wants to stay in his home state because of the “determination and passion he sees in people” around the state. Commercial Progression’s office is quite unique as well. It used to be a furniture store in the 1800’s.

Commercial Platform has gained much from Drupal and spends time at the yearly DrupalCon event to give back to the community.


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