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Cheeky Monkey Has Been Ripped Off, Again ... this Week

I can't believe the compliments we are getting on our design and branding efforts, this week alone we've found two people blatantly ripping us off. On Friday we were notified of a template which used our branding and we got in touch with the Joomla template company and they took it down and we ended doing a massive search to try to deal with all instances of it.

Well today we noticed our Google Analytics going through the roof and to odd .ASPX files. We traced it back to and we saw our entire site up and live. Who ever ripped it off did a horrible job as they did a copy of our source files and left a ton of links to our site as well they didn't change the Google Analytics tracker. On a side note this fool has gotten himself a lot of traffic in one day our analytics have gone through the roof.

At first we thought he was hot linking our images on top of it but sadly they were smart enough to copy them all cause we had some wildly inappropriate images ready for replacement, we are cheeky it's in our name ;)

We are in the process of dealing with this person's hosting company and have emailed them directly. 

Question to the crowd, how do you deal with being ripped off?

Play nice in the jungle kids!
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