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Cheeky Monkey Media Interviews Renee Black From Peace Geeks (The Amani Project)


For the past few months, Cheeky Monkey Media has had the priveledge to be on an awesome project. You will learn all about this project in a moment, but before we let you in on this awesome interview, we wanted to say thank you to Renee from PeaceGeeks for taking the time to answer our questions. 

CMM: What is Peace Geeks and what’s your main mission?

Renee: PeaceGeeks is a non-for Profit Organization based in Vancouver. Our mission is to empower grassroots organizations by building technology partnerships to improve or transform their efforts to promote peace and human rights. We work primarily with groups in developing and conflict-affected areas.

The PeaceGeeks community is made up of skilled volunteers, including private sector partners, working professionals and students completing their university studies. Our volunteers work in areas such as web and mobile development, design, marketing and communications, strategy, project management. We want to help organizations get access to the training and tools that we take for granted. We want to help them do a better job at telling their stories

CMM: How did Peace Geeks get involved in the Amani Project?

Renee: PeaceGeeks began developing the Amani project because we saw an opportunity to help more partners get sites up and running more quickly and efficiently. This tool helps us to help organizations who want a new and improved online presence with more control over site content through a user-friendly interface that anyone can use. We also wanted to integrate a mapping tool that helps organizations to track critical issues in their communities, such as human rights violations, corruption and trafficking, but also to talk about positive initiatives such as programs that engage men through pledges in ending sexual violence, safe zone initiatives, etc.

CMM: How many firms in Vancouver are involved in the Amani Project?

Renee: Apart from Cheeky Monkey, there are two other BC-based Drupal shops that are contributing their time and talent to the Amani Project. These are The Jibe and Affinity Bridge, specifically Steve Krueger, Sheila Mullins, Mack Hardy, Tom Nightingale and Ben St John. We also have many amazing volunteers, including Daisy Aylott, Rasmus Storjohann, Meron Asfaw and Magdi Rizhallah who have contributed critical time and skills to this project

CMM: How many volunteer hours all together have been put into the Amani Project?

Renee: Volunteers have put over 300 hours into the development of Amani so far. Its been amazing experience working with such a talented group.

CMM: How’s it been working with a bunch of monkeys on this project?

Renee: Great! Its been a pleasure to have the talented and speedy John Lutz join us for this project. His contributions have helped us move the Amani platform towards completion. PeaceGeeks is very grateful to the CheekyMonkey team for their help!

Conclusion: The Amani project has been a great learning experience. Thanks again Renee for a fabulous interview and we hope to see you around the CMM world again soon!

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