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A few words from the apes, monkeys, and various primates that make up the Cheeky Monkey Super Squad.

Confessions of a Tech Noob-- Having a Brainless Friday

What a fantastic start to my day today. Being the resident newbie, I take a lot of flack from the boys in the office (did I mention that I am the only female? I drink a lot more now, just saying). Typically, when the monkey men mock me (go alliteration!), I go into tone deaf mode, but not this morning. I miiiiight have come to work WITHOUT my laptop. This tiny oopsy, small hiccup if you will, sent the boys into full “ape” mode. You would think that I came to work without an arm, leg or my floatie or something. Sigh. Apparently having a computer is important when you work for a website building company. How odd. I mean, let’s move on already!

Thankfully, my day did improve, after an hour drive to retrieve said computer. I managed to write a fairly concise document on the steps involved with invoicing a client (for even newer noobs than me), which made me feel like a brainiac. (Along the lines of Pinky and the Brain though, but since I do plan on taking over the world, I felt this was quite fitting!) I also discovered that I am quite good at editing RFP’s (I actually know what that is - self high fives), and this victory has given me a whole new sense of self worth. Plus, this editing task has given me a new venue for learning techy words, which I actually enjoy. Yessss! Score one for the tech noob. I may even bring my laptop to work tomorrow. Just saying.




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