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Confessions of a Tech Noob: It's My First Summer in an Office

Summer in an office space is a totally foreign concept to me. I am used to working outside, and enjoying the beautiful, warm weather. I often wonder why I have to wear a sweater, or arm warmers (yes I loved the 80’s) when it is 30 degrees outside! Are most tech people prone to enjoying working in a refrigerator? Does the chilly temperature help keep the computers from overheating? Are we wanting to keep penguins as office pets?

I assume that most “office peeps” would rather be outside, happily splashing around on their floaties, and partaking in summer fun. Is this season considered to be a “blocker”? Is that why offices are so darn cold, so workers think it isn’t summer? I know that I have a very hard time concentrating on work, sitting in my little chair, staring at a computer screen at this time of year. I think there should be seasonal retreats for the techies,  maybe with some paintball involved. In this industry, movement should be encouraged at all costs, since exercise is considered to be getting up to grab a 4th cup of java. Just sayin. Perhaps I should make a google chart that shows the ratio of being stagnant to movement in an average techie day...while I am sitting outside in the sun of course :)


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