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The Demand of the Web Developer


I was surfing the monkey web and came across a really cool story on how in demand web developers are. It really got me thinking.  This article from Business Insider really breaks down why web developers are in such demand. Here is a quote from the author of the article “We web developers are the limiting reagent of every start-up experiment, we’re the sine qua non, because we’re the only ones who know how to reify app ideas as actual working software.”

How true is that? Whether you run WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or any other CMS, it is your life. Without web developers, clients wouldn’t be able to have their ideal websites. On top of that, many clients and customers want their websites custom built, so without the power of a web developer that would be incredibly difficult.

Not only are web developers important, but apparently they are in high demand. I mean, anyone can claim to know their stuff, but a good web developer *or company* will be in high demand.

James Somers, the developer in the article that we’re talking about states that “It helps that there aren’t enough of us to go around. I’m told by a friend at Bloomberg that they missed their quarterly tech hiring target in New York by 200 people. I get at least two enquiries a week from headhunters trying to lure me from my current job. If I say that I’m actively looking, I become a kind of local celebrity; my calendar fills with coffees and conversations, reverse-interviews where start-ups try to woo me.”

I loved reading this article because we’re talking about two major things here. The type of web developer we are discussing here isn’t the one that crawled off the street. The kind of web developer that is in demand is the hard working developer that has real working experience. Don’t forget that you can have a degree but what makes you a kick butt monkey developer is one that cares about his work and works hard to learn and evolve with the ever changing World Wide Web.

Read more on the article on Business Insider. I’m sure you’ll be as moved and motivated as I was.



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