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Drupal 8 Set to Be More User-Friendly

Lots of work goes into designing a new version of a CMS, and Drupal 8 is no exception to this rule. We’re already preparing our monkey wrenches to go to work with this summer’s release. 

Jonathan Dale of recently blogged about the coming changes and what they’ll mean for Drupal sites, including the adoption of a new framework from Symfony2, a new theming engine, and mobile friendliness. Here’s some of what he had to say.

The largest change of all is the adoption of the Symfony2 framework, which will replace the older Drupal core structure. This is a fundamental change to development for Drupal, and will make pages render and load quicker than ever. And in good news for developers, Symfony should also enhance the development experience, making it much easier for code monkeys to build complex structures with Drupal.

Symfony will be well-complemented by the adoption of Twig as the theming engine (think: the way your site will look) for Drupal 8. Dale comments that Twig should make the gears turning behind the shiny surface of your website “Safer, smaller and faster.” For nerds who want to know, a server-side PHP module is optional, though it can provide great performance enhancements for the Twig runtime engine.

Drupal 8’s mobile-friendliness also bodes well for continued growth in its adoption. Dale writes, “Out of the box, Drupal 8 will be responsive and work with HTML5 and CSS3. The demand from enterprise clients for better mobile support has led to a larger focus on mobile and has resulted in a very active Mobile Initiative to bring those elements into the Core framework.”

Drupal sites will see major benefits as the update takes some big steps to make its core site administration features more user-friendly for non-technical users. Dale writes about the effort to improve the content authoring experience, “With Drupal 8, steps are being taken to improve this by including WYSIWYG and CKEditor in core. The Spark project is being built to provide in-place content editing and will greatly enhance the experience for end users. These improvements will reduce the amount of time required to make site administration user-friendly and provide a better experience to non-technical content maintainers.”

What Drupal features do you most enjoy, and what are you looking forward to with the coming full release of Drupal 8 this summer?

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