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Drupal is Headed for Open Innovation and New Markets


Hi there monkeys…Here’s a bit of news you can go bananas over! Drupal is evolving, thus benefiting more business sectors every day. Tom Erikson, CEO of the company, Acquia has seen Drupal’s progress over the years. He has answered questions about this exciting news and what we can expect in the future. Grab a peanut butter and banana sandwich and keep reading…you won’t be disappointed.

Businesses Benefiting From Drupal

What specific businesses are benefiting from Drupal? The answer is all kinds! But specifically, pharmaceutical companies are using Drupal because they have had to lower their business costs thus revamping their businesses. Drupal has come to their rescue and as a result, these companies have seen a 60% savings on their costs.

Exciting Advancement: Drupal 8

There’s a lot of exciting news, Monkeys! But one thing is that Drupal 8 is in code freeze, which makes it super competitive with other systems. Drupal has had over 25,000 people who have contributed code and 1,000 core developers. That’s a lot of teamwork to make Drupal 8 where it is now and they should be proud.

Growing the Drupal Ecosystem

Erikson states that Acquia knows that there is a high demand for Drupal talent and they are helping Drupal grow. To do this, they created a training curriculum and distributing it to many of their partners. They are looking to provide global training. Last year they opened an office in India and have seen much growth since then. In addition, they are seeking MOOC’s, the future of education. Sounds like plans on made to help grow the Drupal Ecosystem!

Drupal has grown from a social management system to a social publishing platform. Now it’s headed towards becoming a web engagement management platform. Are you jumping from tree to tree from this exciting news? You should be! 


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