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Five Best Drupal 7 Themes


Trying to find the right Drupal theme can be very frustrating and time consuming. As of now, Drupal does not have as many themes as WordPress, but new ones are added on a daily basis. The great thing about Drupal is the developer can work at it to build a theme to your liking. To tickle your monkey paw, Cheeky has found what we think are the five best Drupal themes.

Little Khan Drupal Theme

Little Khan is a premium Drupal theme that has a very clean simplistic style. You have all the functionality needed with this theme, and can use it very well to present yourself or your products in a very professional or elegant style. You can easily customize this theme and it comes with very easy to understand documentation to help you. This theme has also been optimized to be used with your iPhone or iPad.This theme will work well for any sort of portfolio, whether it be personal or business.

Glossy Drupal Theme

Glossy is a Drupal theme that has a very simple design much like WordPress. It contains all of the components that you would ever need to create the perfect website for your personal use or business purposes. Glossy can be easily changed to suit your needs, from the entire layout of the website or the design.

Sencillo 3 in 1

The Sencillo 3 in 1 theme is a portfolio Drupal theme and works great for building any type of portfolio websites. It has a 3 layout focus for you to build your portfolio website very quickly. Sencillo is the word for simple in Spanish, and this really is a simple design. Use this theme to share your work with the world or your clients. Sencillo also includes SEO best practices to help your website rank higher in the search engines, such as Google.

Clean Portfolio

The Clean Portfolio Drupal theme is very simple and modern. This is the perfect theme to use to showcase any type of design work or your entire portfolio, or any other projects that you are working on. There are many different theme colors that you can select from, such as blue, green, lime, gray, and many more. There are 14 different fonts for Drupal and 23 different backgrounds for you to choose from. There is also two portfolios for you to select from. You can modify this theme easily, using a drop down menu in the Appearance settings.


The Solaris Drupal theme also has a clean style. This theme is perfect to use for a business website where you need to present your work or products. If you want your customers to see you as a professional, the Solaris theme is perfect for you. It is very easy to customize this theme, and comes with easy to understand documentation to help you. You can use this theme for professional reasons, or as a theme for a personal blog.


As you can see, the themes created by Drupal range from simple to complex, but all of them have a classy feel. If you could choose one Drupal theme for your upcoming website, what would it be?

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