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The Future of WordPress

WordPress is turning 10 years old this month, prompting lots of speculation about what comes next for the Content Management System. Many people are speculating that WordPress and Drupal are moving even closer in performance, as WordPress develops from a purely blogging platform more towards a CMS, and as Drupal sites continue to insist on an easier to use system with less steep learning curve for non-developers. Of course, as natural climbers, we here at Cheeky Monkey Media have never found a learning curve too steep for our paws.

Jonathan Dingman, of, proposed an interesting way forward for WordPress, as it enters its second decade of existence. With a nod to the past, Dingman writes about the former existence of WordPress' sister program, "Those of you who have been around with WordPress long enough, you know there used to be WordPress Multi-site (WPMU), and that branch was eventually merged into WordPress core in the major release of WordPress 3.0."

Perhaps, suggests Dingman, WordPress' future could lie in seperating to handle different approached again. "This approach of forking off different use cases of WordPress makes for a certainly interesting proposition," writes Dingman, although he quickly points out that, "It would cause more code maintenance, just as WP and WPMU had caused when they were being developed in parallel."

So what would a split look like? Dingman asks, "Wordpress for bloggin? WordPress as a CMS? WordPress as an application? WordPress powering a network of sites? WordPress as Software as a Service? There are many more ways you could use WordPress."

Overall, Dingman writes about the idea of seperation, "I think it would actually be a positive thing. I've personally used WordPress in many different ways, but I started using it just as a blogging platform. I'm currently in development of extending WordPress to act more like an application. I am certainly finding that some things are limiting, but largely I can exted it to do what I need to." Such a separation would surely accelerate the WordPress vs Drupal discussions that seem to be happening in every web design meeting lately.

When I was 10 years old, I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to either, maybe an astronaut or a fireman, or something really awesome like a web designer- I just knew I didn't want to be a zookeeper or a medical researcher - those guys are twisted. We can't fault WordPress for trying to be all things at one time, it is part of growing up. Jonathan Dingman just  might have the right path to help them come of age.

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