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How to create a sortable views table

How to create a sortable views table

Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen. This is going to be an epic tutorial (*sarcasm*). So you want to build a sortable table of information using views? The one that works like a folder where you click on the tab “Name” and it sorts alphabetically ascending or descending. Well i’ve got a tutorial for you.

First create a view with the content type that you wish to have in it. In the image below I will be using Articles content type.

Once inside your newly created view you shall change the format to “Table”.

Once the format is set to table press apply. The next table is the most important. That is where I lost almost an hour of my time trying to find where that darn parameter was.

The table setting “Sortable” needs to be enabled. Then the last thing to do is to add a Label to the field you wish to sort. In the image below I click on the field “Content: Title” and create a label.

Once that is done make sure to save your view. Then go see your view page and enjoy your new sorting field table ! HORRAY

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