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Import Blog Posts from to a Drupal site

Recently one of our projects required blog posts saved on a blog to be imported into a new Drupal website.

The goals of this article are:

  1. Explain what modules we used
  2. Explain the edits to modules
  3. Site setup

To start this process we did a quick Google search to see if anyone in the community had already created a Blogger to Drupal import contrib we could leverage and there was, the Blogger Importer created by thebuckst0p. The module provided a great starting point as it has all the pieces required to do the main importing of the content, comments and tags into a Drupal content type. The contrib requires QueryPath module to process the XML exported by

As part of the development of our new Drupal site the client wanted all the images to no longer just be embedded in the content and to be displayed in a slide show, to accommodate this we added a new Image field to our blog content type, added on Field Slideshow to handle the display of the slide show for each Blog node. We added on Colorbox to handle view the image in their full glory as well.

Out of the box Blogger Importer doesn't allow for you to remove the images embed in the content and put them in a file/image field instead. The monkeys got to work and revise the contrib to allow for this, we modified to do this and you can use our version and change the field on line 237.

The final product ended up looking fantastic and allowed for better presentation of the images within the content, here is a sample of one of the blog posts in the Drupal site now.Blogger Post to Drupal Node

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