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"Internet Design Buzzwords of 2012" by Cheeky Monkey Media

Internet Design Buzzwords of 2012


The year 2012 is half over and already a list of buzzwords has begun to grow. Everywhere you look, there are buzzwords, and web design is no different. For a brief overview of web design, you simply need to read what the top 10 buzzwords for web design in 2012. The buzzwords will let you know what you need on web pages to survive this supersaturated business, and what it should look like.

1) CSS3

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, will be a buzzword for a while. It is again on the top 10 buzzword for web design in 2012 list as it was the year before. CSS3 is the newest version out and is being used to develop webpages that are easy to maneuver. Other benefits of CSS3 is that it’s easy to implement, can be written straight onto the style sheet, and it’s a much smaller code to work with. It’s just an all around easier language to work with compared to other codes.

2) HTML5

Writing language is and will always be a part of web design. HTML5 was a buzzword last year, and yet again, it has made the list of top 10 buzzwords for web design in 2012. That is because it is the currently preferred HTML writing format. HTML5 allows for web design without the use of Flash since not all phones support it. It however, does have a drawback. Other benefits of HTML5 include

-improved semantics
-elegant forms
-improved accessibility

3) RWD

Another one of the top 10 buzzwords for web design in 2012 is RWD, or Responsive Web Design. This buzzword has several given advantages like adjustable screen solutions and automatically resizable images. Other features include, the flexibility of the program and the custom layout structure. Responsive Web Design is very deep and detailed. To read more about this buzzword feel free to check out this descriptive blog post from Smashing Magazine.

4) Mobile Web

The introduction of smartphones into mainstream consumer use has sparked another top 10 buzzwords for web design in 2012. Only a few years ago, you could select on the mobile version of a webpage, or the desktop version. In 2012, it is beginning to go to only one web. There is no longer a “mobile web,” but rather just one internet for many different platforms.

5) Social Media

It is not surprising to see Social Media on the list of top 10 buzzwords for web design in 2012. People have flocked to Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to connect with others and promote businesses or products. Web pages must incorporate social media with their site in order to compete. This can be done with quick links to follow them on Twitter, or like their business on Facebook. They can also include a “Pin this” button that allows people who use Pinterest to pin a picture link to their wall.

6) Gamification

Foursquare is one of many sites that brought enjoyment to many people, and money to businesses. With making things a game, Gamification has become one of the top 10 buzzwords for web design in 2012. Making visiting the page or business a game is a guaranteed way to bring in new customers.

7)  CS6

The next buzzword on the top 10 list is CS6. CS6 is the next step in better web designing. Adobe costs a lot of money and they update regularly. It is important to make sure you stay on top of the game so you can have the best software for web design.

8) Mobile First

The next buzzword is a new concept to most web designers. Previously, web designs were built with desktop computers in mind. Mobile first is on the list for top buzzwords for web design in 2012 because many web designers have to build web designs with mobility in mind. Mobile web designs are more compact and to the point.

9) Vendor Prefixes

A thorn in many web developers’ sides is the need to use vendor prefixes in their coding. Vendor Prefixes, another top 10 buzzword for web design in 2012,"is the need to have a separate code line for each browser vendor.. eg FireFox,Chrome, Opera, IE. That is, based on which browser you are using. The problem comes with how many times it has to be repeated in the code.

10) SVG

As previously stated, due to Apple’s format, web designers have to get creative when building web pages. SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, is quickly becoming one of the top 10 buzzwords for web design in 2012. SVG allows the web designer to create images that can change sizes without losing the sharpness and becoming pixelated.

Are there any other buzzwords that you think should be on this list? Do you disagree with any of the words that have made the list? Why should it not have been included? I am eager to hear your thoughts on what you find popular and big for web designing.

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