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Joomla: Should You Stay or Should You Go?


If you are wondering which content management system to use to build your website, you may have thought about Drupal and Joomla. Both are content management systems with user friendly features to improve your website. Examining both of these systems will prove to be helpful before you choose one to work with.

Drupal has a larger development team and community than Joomla does and has also been around for longer. Drupal, which has been around more than ten years, has changed much that decade. Due to the size of the community and the years of experience, Drupal has developed many different options of features, including a flexible structure of the code. This proves to be beneficial for companies who need a larger variety of options.

Joomla, on the other hand is a newer company with less options for variety and scalability. The coding is better for smaller websites instead of larger ones. As Joomla develops over the next months and years, it will probably expand its options for users.

Drupal was designed for developers, not necessarily web designers which means that Drupal will naturally present more options for its user. However, because Drupal has such a large range of features, you will need to realize that after its basic functions, it will become more complex after adding more plug-ins and content. Because there aren’t many free plug-ins or themes, you may need additional assistance to handle the development. <--- we can help with that!

Your choice in content management systems will depend on your own needs for these services. Both are decent choices, but Drupal is a bit more established and experienced when it comes to content management. Of course, you know what us monkeys would choose! 

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