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Launched Exquisite Makeup and Nails - April 6, 2011

Recently we had the chance to help a very driven young lady get her new mobile Makeup and Nail business online. Nicole with Exquisite Makeup and Nails provides professional beauty services on your schedule and she needed a site which wasn't flash based like her previous site and site which she could easily update.

Exquisite Makeup and Nails is powered by WordPress and the Aspire theme. By utilizing these tools Cheeky Monkey Media was able to develop a site quickly for Exquisite Makeup and Nails which allowed Nicole to add all the galleries she needed, blog and provide a place for her clients to find her prices and get in touch with her.

We know what it's like to get a business started and we were happy to help Nicole on this project.

Play nice in the jungle kids!

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