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Learn Why the State of Colorado Chose Drupal


Welcome back to the monkey blog fellow monkeys. This week’s story is brought to you by Colorado and their new found love for Drupal. No one wants a website disaster like You would think because the White House is smart to use Drupal for their website, they would spread the good news.

Anyways, Colorado has apparently gotten the hint according to an article recently featured on Here is a few statistics for you about Drupal before we jump into this monk-tastic Colorado story

-          Drupal (CMS) is used on more than 150 gov’t websites in the United States alone.

-          Drupal can help publish content simply and without hassle.

-          Drupal is totally up to date on the share-ability level.

-          Drupal is powered by half a million people in over 200 hundred countries.

-          Drupal has over one thousand people contributing to its daily function ability.

Sorry, I got lost in a Drupal capability daze. Back to the story at hand—

The Drupal statistics listed are above are just five reasons why Colorado chose to start using Drupal as their CMS. Nobody says it better than this guy “John Conley, executive director of Colorado's Statewide Internet Portal Authority, said in a press release that ‘by moving to Drupal, SIPA is able to offer more of the advanced features and functions that our customers have been asking for while decreasing the overhead for our developers and designers. This means that we will be able to roll out sites faster than ever before and in a more cost-friendly manner for our operations.’”

In case you are wondering who SIPA is, they are the actual “overseers” of SIPA is a big deal in the Colorado government website industry. They support close to 200 sites within Colorado’s government circle alone.

One last reason as to why Colorado chose Drupal as their main monkey squeeze. We personally love this reason because it’s proved that Drupal is just plain easy to use.

“The Drupal platform is especially effective for those state agencies that do not have the staff or resources to allocate to a lengthy website design effort,” Colorado Interactive general manager Fred Sargeson, said in a statement. (Colorado Interactive is the organization that runs “Our goal is for this technology to be accessible to every agency and local government across the state. This platform allows for that.”

If you’d like to get a closer look at this story, check it out here. If you need a group of professional monkeys to help drupalize your website, contact us here

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