Lizzy's List - 5 MozCon Influencer Posts Lizzy Loves (part 2)

By elizabeth | Wed, 08/24/2016 - 16:13

Hello again, friends :).

This list is an extension to my last - 5 more amazing pieces of content written by MozCon Keynotes, analyzed by yours truly. I hope you find it amusing!

1. An Open Letter To Up-And-Coming Women In Digital Design

My next tattoo will say Girl Power.

Articles that push women, build them up, and inspire them get me so freaking fired up. When they are well written and informed it makes me even more stoked. Rebekah Cancino and Shaina Rozen’s open letter is both inspirational and articulate.

The title of the article states that the letter is written for women in digital design, but I believe it is applicable to more than just that specific crowd. The advice is for all minorities, not just females, and for all industries lacking diversity (ummm the entire corporate world).

Tech is noticeably both whitewashed and male dominant, making the entire industry weaker than it should be. That is not to say that white men haven’t done extraordinary things, BUT a multitude of perspectives, beliefs, and opinions will only make all of us stronger.

Rebekah and Shaina provide clear facts and stats that really drive their point home:

  • “Women make up only 30% of the tech workforce in tech.”
  • “Within the top 100 tech companies, women only make up about 16% of the technical roles.”
  • “Women only make up 23% of leadership roles.”
  • “Women only make up 6% of chief executives.”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I mean, I can already hear the arguments as to why this phenomenon exists, but quite frankly - I don’t give a fu#$. These numbers are not okay.

Okay, so that’s all really depressing for half of the population, but the authors don’t leave it there. They give crazy great advice to women, so that a change can be made! HORRAH!

“Pretending like the diversity problem in tech and digital design doesn’t exist won’t make it go away”

Here it is, ladies - the advice we should all follow to even out the male-dominant playing field. (This is a very brief summary into the article, so read the whole thing if you want to feel like you have super powers.)

  • OWN IT - this is my favorite saying ever. Be you, be proud of yourself, and realize what you have to offer. Do a little self reflection and figure out what makes you pop from the crowd. Don’t hide your sensitivity, or emotions - they make you better. Boom.
  • Werk - “Deepen your expertise while smartly adding new skills and tools that make you a more knowledgeable, well-rounded worker.”
  • Connection - Never stop working on your communication skills. Connecting with others will only boost your success and grow your networks. Oh, and be genuine about it.
  • Be Okay With Saying No - Being a “yes” person will exhaust you. Take yourself seriously enough to say no sometimes (Not always, of course!).
  • Collaborate - Yes, I know BUZZWORD, BOO! But listen, this whole post is about the importance of diversity. A group is always stronger than an individual, so be open, mindful, and a great team member. It will only make you stronger.
  • Seek Out Inspiration - Seek guidance from someone you look up to - a mentor. Be humble enough to listen to and learn from them. Get inspired and grow from it.
  • Be “Bossy” and “Aggressive” - I have been called both, numerous times. At first these words bothered me, and then they didn’t. When you have something to say, say it - enter John Mayer. Then, circle back to owning it. “Never apologize for being confident and outspoken.” Need I say more?

Like Rebekah and Shaina said - we are in it together.

2. Survey Results: Educational Background of Digital Marketers & SEOs Revealed

In her article, Rhea Drysdale the CEO of Outspoken Media, lays out the findings of her research regarding the background of Digital Marketers and SEOs. I have always wondered where the heck everyone came from, as there aren’t any specific Digital Marketing and SEO degrees that I know of. So, thank you Rhea for enlightening me. Can’t wait to see you at MozCon!

Here is a brief overview of her findings -

Okay, looking past the pretty graphs, Rhea’s findings are really intriguing. It would appear that the majority of the people in digital marketing and SEO are self taught, or taught by their superior who was self taught. A large portion of people have a bachelor’s degree in either Communications/Marketing, Business, or Humanities. 91% of those folks never took digital marketing or SEO classes in their schooling, and 50% of the workforce has been doing it for 6 years or less.

So, what does all of that mean? Well, Rhea discusses her takeaways in the article, and I strongly urge you to go see for yourself because she really made me think and see potential in the fields.

My takeaways are that there is a huge opportunity for upper level educational institutions to offer degrees revolving around this very young industry. For those of us who have broken into the industry, it is important to realize there are huge opportunities as it is constantly changing and evolving. Taking time to learn, experiment, and to be creative are integral to success in the digital realm - something I challenge myself to do every day.

I also want to give a shout out to Rhea for advocating for females in tech. Everyone should go read her medium blog. Rhea, you are awesome. #GirlPower

3. Your Billion $$ Story

Kindra Hall’s whole business revolves around helping companies share their own unique stories. Kindra’s mission is authentic, important, and impactful. Not only is she genuine and beautiful, but incredibly engaging and smart as well - such an inspiration (even MORE girl power!).

The link below leads to the story, told by Kindra, of how Airbnb came to be. If you don’t know the story already, watch her video, it’s quite amusing. Through this story, Kindra exemplifies how important a brand’s story can be. In this case it was the only reason the founders were able to get backed by investors. In other cases it is the only thing that can differentiate brands in competitive markets.

Currently Cheeky Monkey is working on telling our story with help from Park Howell. We hope to do Kindra and Park proud :). See you at MozCon, Kindra!

4. The Ultimate Content Curation Guide That Every Marketer Should See

Lol I’m curating content and this article by Ross Simmonds is about content curation - THE IRONY!

Anyway, let’s forget about the irony and focus on Simmonds’ super helpful post.

Simmonds’ starts with the basics - what is content curation? Now, I’m not sure how many of you already know the answer, but I’ll explain anyway. Content curation is the process of digging through the ENORMOUS amount of content on the interweb (it’s doubling every year!), finding the best pieces, and sharing them with an audience.

Content curators are around to help their audience feel a little less overwhelmed sorting through the insane amounts of information on the web. Thank goodness, right? I mean, you could Google “Tips on Digital Marketing” and get millions of results. Which ones are the best? It is in my opinion that you leave the content curators to do the dirty work for you. They will take the time to go past the first page and find the diamonds.

Why are content curators okay with doing the dirty work? Well, the benefits that Simmonds’ lays out include:

  • Relationship building with other sites.
  • Establish yourself as an industry expert.
  • Augment the shares of your own content.
  • Brand awareness.

How do you find a curator that you love? There are actual people curating, or tools you can utilize to dig up great articles for you. RSS feeds that take into account what you are interested in can pump out articles that have been highly regarded by the community. Medium is my personal favorite place to go to find great reads based on my interests. Other common RSS feeds include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Feedly, etc.

There are also  businesses that exist solely to share popular, relevant, engaging content. Ross gives awesome advice and tips into how exactly to use each social platform to its fullest (Facebook, Twitter, a blog, and newsletter)  best to curate content. If you’re considering giving it a go, I recommend you read over his article thoroughly - it’s full of fantastic advice.

In addition to the already super helpful advice, Simmonds’ gives an awesome list of tools that curate content for you. I don’t want to give away too much, but this list if probably the biggest gem for those of you looking to find an easier way to sort through mass amounts of information - SO WORTH IT.

5. Ask Me Anything With Talia Wolf, Founder of Conversioner and Banana Splash

I’m super stoked to see Talia’s talk at MozCon. She is all about understanding the customer. Her methods aren’t pushy, aggressive, or annoying. She works to understand them at a deep level and cater to their needs/wants. More companies should operate this way…. Seriously.

Anyway, this post is a bit unlike the others I have shared. It is quite personal because it’s in a Q/A format. I really enjoy getting to know the humans behind the brilliant ideas, and the Q/A with Talia really allows for that. Yet another lady to look up to :).

My takeaways:

  • Talia and her partners specialize in emotional targeting, a marketing method that puts the focus onto the customer and not the service/product.
  • While many A/B tests focus on elements, Talia’s team does A/B testing that focuses on consumer behavior. This allows for a much better understanding of the consumer, their needs and wants. The goal is to improve the consumer’s journey and perception.
  • Psychology is the root of marketing and emotional targeting. #NeverForget
  • Knowing your customers = retaining your customers.
  • Persona research is necessary and crazy valuable. Get past the analytics and dig deeper.
  • Understanding your buyer’s journeys will enable you to optimize your site to appeal to their emotions. Use your persona research as a foundation.
  • Don’t try to cater to everyone. It won’t work. Focus, and be specific as to who you are targeting. 
  • Trust is one of the key emotions to target. Provide social proof, authentic messaging, and all the information the buyer is looking for.

There are no rules to emotional targeting. Everyone is different, will react in different ways, and have different triggers. Staying flexible is key. Try, Test, Change, Repeat.

Thanks again for reading :). Feedback is always welcome,


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