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Loading CCK Fields into Your Own Drupal Forms

Have you ever wanted to add already built and setup CCK fields to a custom form in Drupal? Well I know I have and I knew I wasn't alone. After a quick search and some playing around I found a great solution posted by spinningbull as a comment on the forums. Here is what I'm use on one of my Forms using Form API

CCK fields to a form
  1.  // list the field names you'd like to use in your form - they will display in this order. 
  2. $fields = array('field_name_1', 'field_name_2', 'field_name_3', 'field_name_4'); 
  3. // Need to load the content modules includes to load field forms through our FAPI form
  4.  module_load_include('inc', 'content', 'includes/content.node_form');
  5.  // Loop through all the CCK fields defined in the the fields array and add them to the form array
  6.  foreach ($fields as $name) { $field = content_fields($name); 
  7. $form['#field_info'][$name] = $field; 
  8. $form += content_field_form($form, $form_state, $field); 
  9. [email protected] work through this to handle the theme, might need to go through and rip out existing theme controls } 

Hopefully this has helped you add some more reasonable items to your forms. Play nice in the jungle kids! Brian The Top Chimp.

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