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The New Drupalfund Project


A new crowdfunding platform has been designed to target Drupal development. As you know a lot of previous development in Drupal has been from individuals and even companies spending their time developing drupal even further. The crowdfunding project is known as Drupalfund.


Many think that Drupal can go even further if developers and businesses had the time and money to do so. Afterall, developing Drupal on one’s spare time can only go so far. Drupalfund is really nothing special as far as “crowdfunding" goes because it follows the same platform as places like Kickstarter.


What is really cool about Drupalfund is that it is dedicated to Drupal. I think it’s complete genious because people will be able to submit their ideas, what donation level they need, and of course incorporate feedback from the community.


Crowdfunding is also unique because people get to see first hand what they are getting themselves into when the commit to a project financially. It’s not like they are investing while blind. Also, it’s plain to see how dedicated drupalites are because Drupal has been built from the ground up with dedicated developers.

Drupalfund has aspirations of becoming a part of the Drupal community and even becoming apart of Many believe that Drupalfund can help speed up the development of Drupal because after all time is money!

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