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Treena Bjarnason

RFP Proposal Writing

As I have previously stated, I have been proof reading a lot of RFP’s. Let’s focus on the obvious for a second here, which is the fact that I know that this is a “request for proposal”. Leaps and bounds my progress is (every now and again a blog should have a “Yoda-ism”). Not only have I learned many, many abbreviations, but I fully understand what an RFP entails; on a project to project basis of course. Naturally. (cough, cough...I  do not have a straight face right now)

To make a long document short, the gist of any RFP is the breakdown of work needed, and how many hours/weeks will that entail. Budget is ALWAYS the primary client concern, with the timeframe for the project usually being a “secondary” primary concern. A successful RFP combines those two main concerns effectively, and fulfills the top wishes of a client. I know there is typically around 35 to 40 pages of goobley-gook in a proposal, but budget & timeline would be my top 2 things to convey concisely.

Another RFP “must have”, is having a qualified team who are experts in their fields, so they can efficiently & effectively tackle the tasks needed to complete a project in a timely manner. Describing how the team will complete work, with what “tools”, in which timeframes, etc… is most of the remaining “goobley-gook” in a RFP. Techie terminology is flying around everywhere in these documents, and it typically reads as dry as toast. So a perfect summary of a great RFP for me would be: on budget, on time, superstar web dev team, simple eh?

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