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Site Migration Tips

Site Migration Tips

Site migrations are a lot like moving into a new house; it’s never easy and can be frustrating to say the least. They both require lots of planning and a little bit of patience. Here are a few things to consider to make your move easier.

Get organized and take inventory

The first step in the migration process is to have a look at your existing site. You need to take note of how many pages or products you have, and what you want to keep and what needs to be thrown out. This might be a good time to ask some of your loyal customers what they like and dislike about your site.

Figure out your move strategy

If you have a small site, it might be as simple as copy and paste. But things tend to get a bit more complicated when you’re thinking of migrating large sites from Wordpress to Drupal or from one ecommerce platform to another. So its important to know how you plan to migrate your site.

Pick the right transportation

I recently had the pleasure of updating a Drupal 6 Ubercart site to the latest version of Drupal 7 Commerce. During this process, I discovered a few tools that helped me do some heavy lifting.

The Migrate module provides a flexible framework for migrating content into Drupal. This was my starting point and is a requirement for the rest of the modules that I will mention.

The Commerce Migrate and Commerce Migrate Ubercart modules work hand in hand. They were used in tandem to help move all of the Ubercart data including all products and customer orders.

Finally the Drupal-to-Drupal Data Migration module was used to box up and move the rest of the Drupal goodness. This provides a wizard-based ui to map your legacy data to the latest and greatest version of Drupal. This worked great for moving site content, taxonomy terms and of course, all of the users.

Move yourself or hire a professional

Like moving, if you’re not going very far, or don’t have much to move, it might be something you or your friends can do. If you’re moving far, or have lots to move, you may want to consider hiring a professional, like Cheeky Monkey Media.


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