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Top Reasons Why Drupal Saves Tech Support Time

Tech support is a thankless job – and nobody wants to be in that position. You get all the blame from angry co-workers and customers who aren’t able to easily describe their issues, and you have to magically translate what they say into a language that developers can understand. There are endless possibilities for things to go wrong on the web, and you have irate people on the line eagerly waiting for your quick response. You’re always the last one to get off work, and no matter how hard you try, it seems no one really appreciates the hard work you put in.

Tech support sucks.

However, there is always hope for the dedicated - but unfortunate - people who end up there.


Drupal comes to save the day

Drupal is a super solid web platform that could make your life in tech support so much easier.

Here are few reasons:

  • Drupal is built for enterprise web development.
  • It’s a not just a CMS (content management system), it’s the grand-daddy of them all.
  • Originally released on January 2001, through 13 years of evolution Drupal has become the number one choice for enterprise web development.
  • Fourteen percent of Fortune 500 companies choose Drupal.
  • It offers over 30,000 modules for developers to utilize, and that number is still growing.
  • Each module acts like a prebuilt Lego block. It's solid and flexible at the same time.
  • Drupal can be moulded into anything: blog, commerce website, online community, data warehouse, you name it.
  • Its architecture gives users great performance and scalability, and at the same time it is also extremely flexible. If you have a problem, Drupal has a solution.


Community Support

Drupal is open source software, with a vibrant and engaging community over 1 million strong. Over the years, the Drupal community has identified shortcomings in web development and has created serious solutions to ease the pain. That's why the Drupal community creates numerous documents and development guidelines to help its users. If you navigate to Drupal’s API reference page you can find all the tech documentation you need - from 5 year old version 6 to the latest version 8, all clearly documented. As well, the community also hosts a Community Documentation page to help non-technical users learn the system and troubleshoot.

The Drupal community also creates coding standards. There are modules created just to check your syntax and documentation compliance. Therefore, Drupal has a solid foundation for developers to extend its functionality, and easy ways for tech support to track down issues. Every module has a dedicated host page and issues tracking on, and is usually the first line of defence when it comes to tech support. You can search issues by version, category and status. Usually, if you can understand or track down the problem, it’s likely that somebody has already posted a solution on the issue tracking page.

Drupal also has outstanding long term support. The community officially supports version 6 to 8. If the website was built within the last 5 years, you can always find help and support for it. Tech support on a Drupal platform is much easier because there is an active, engaging community supporting you.



Drupal is really stable and people are constantly working to advance it. Since it is still software, there are always things to improve or fix, and there are a few building mechanism to help you tackle problems. Drupal has built an error login system, and it provides a web user interface for you to search and identify an issue. There are even debugging tools, in which you can more easily see the inner workings of Drupal, helping you to track down problems.

Drupal also prints out human readable error messages which can greatly assist your customer in describing issues to you. Clear error messages can help decrease trouble shooting time so you can go home earlier.

Drupal will also inform you when there is a security patch available, so you can stay ahead of the supporting game. As well, if you are using a partner like Pantheon or Acquia for dedicated Drupal hosting, you are usually only a couple of clicks away from patching up a major security issue.


Drupal makes tech support much easier

Tech support is hard and difficult, but choosing a robust platform will help to greatly reduce the demanding support times. By choosing Drupal as your web development platform, your company or customer can get their problems resolved faster, making them happier. If they’re happier, chances are, you will be too. Drupal is a well-documented, robust platform, with millions of users, and a super active community. Once you start using Drupal, you will never go back.

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