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Websites are work!

I hate to be the one to break it to you , but, your brand new website ( or if you have a CMM site, your perfectly rendered masterpiece) is going to be a lot of work. Well... let me rephrase that, if you want it to be successful it is going to be a lot of work.

The latest statistic I heard, there is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 1 trillion web pages now indexed in Google. That is an awful lot, and if you want yours to stick out you are going to have to dedicate some resources. It does not have to be a huge financial commitment but someone , probably you, is going to have to put in some time.


So how to get started?


Well hopefully you have used a reputable development company and your site has been built to the latest standards. If you managed to get an “amazing deal” by outsourcing the work for half the going rate…. you better get yourself a second opinion. Why are standards important…. it’s because we want to make the search engine’s job as easy as possible. We make things tough for them and they aren’t likely to look kindly on you and your website.

But, I am going to go ahead and assume ( yes I know what that means) that your online web presence is up to standards and you can worry about the next steps. Actually, there is really only one thing you need to worry about… traffic. Traffic Jam image

For most websites traffic = success.

For successful websites… targeted traffic = success.

So, you know you need and want traffic, but not just any old traffic you want targeted traffic. How the heck do you get targeted traffic?

You, start telling people about you and your website.

To some people, I may have oversimplified things but really this is the core strategy that you need to employ. Let people ( and search engines) know you exist and what your story is. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Write articles, and publish them to your site (search engines love sites with new content)
  2. Write articles and publish them to article sites (most sites will allow you link back to your main website)
  3. Social Media ( twitter and facebook pages are good ways to spread your story)
  4. Join the conversation ( add valuable insights on other websites, at the very least you are getting your name out there)
  5. Tell your friends ( how much simpler can this get)
  6. Create a video and share on YouTube or other video sites.
  7. Hire a professional ( be careful here, there are some really good companies out there and some very bad ones, if you are unsure send a note over to us at Cheeky Monkey Media and we can point you to a few companies that we know are worth the money)

These are just a small sampling of some techniques to use, and none of them are very earth shattering. They all , however, consist of some type of effort on your part! If there are any marketers out there that want to add some more techniques to this list please use the comments section.


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