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What makes a good website?

My daughter loves baking. She will cook as well, but her true passion lies in baking.

Given that she is only eleven, I am incredibly proud of her culinary skills.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, she decided that it was time to make some brownies (one of my favourites). So, off to the internet she went to print out a brownie recipe. With this in hand she proceeded to hunt through the cupboards of our kitchen to gather all of the ingredients that she needed.

Chaos followed. The kitchen disappeared in a cloud of flour. With machines whirring and utensils banging, I quickly exited the stage to save my sanity.

Amazingly, an hour later my proud little chef presented her dad with a delicious, and still warm brownie.

"Wow! These are great." I told her.

"Well, of course Dad. I followed the recipe" she told me in that matter of fact way, that only a pre-teen can.

Recipe for Websites

So what does this have to do with websites? And more importantly how will allow you to have a good, great even, website?

Well, websites and baking have more in common than you might think. If you follow a simple to-do list (recipe) then you can greatly increase your chances of success. For those of us who have had baking disasters, we are well aware that this does not guarantee success. But, with time and practice or even with the help of a professional your chances of success are greatly improved.

So, without further ado, here is your website recipe, not quite guaranteed to deliver a great website.

  • 1 dose of Content Planning
  • 3 dashes of Site Mapping
  • A pinch of Information Architecture
  • Carefully prepare a compelling design that responds for multiple devices
  • Add Drupal
  • Build site content
  • Layer theme on top
  • Add a smidge of SEO modules
    • *Additional Drupal modules recommended
  • Place on a web server with required technologies for a minimum of 3 months.
  • Check frequently to make sure of optimal search placements.
  • Use caution when handling. 

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