Why we are a web development shop

By rick | Tue, 11/17/2015 - 15:00

Last week, one of our latest hires was explaining to me that we don’t feel like an Web Agency. Instead, he claimed that we felt and acted like a web development shop.

I thought this was a strange thing to say. To me, they are more or less the exact same thing. But, he went on to explain that there are a number of stigmas associated with each. So I thought it would be fun to compare some


Web Agency

Web Development Shop


Definitely a few suits

Mostly Jeans and T-shirts


Doing this for money

Doing this because it is what we do


Brand names and Strategic partners

Complicated sites that pose a challenge


Posh and beautiful

Organized chaos / foosball & darts


Business minded

Code monkeys

Pets allowed?



Conflict Resolution

HR Department

NERF guns

Team Building

Corporate Retreat

Friday Afternoons

Internal Meetings


Pop by my desk / Skype chat for help & funny things too

Swearing in the office

Frowned upon


Hours /breaks

9 -5 / structured

all over the chart / all over the chart

Personal wellness

gym membership/ workout facilities

our backyard full of trails / running / anything physically challenging in or out of the office




Anyways, just a fun exercise to see how different terms can affect perception. So, how do you perceive a web agency vs a web development shop? I would love to hear about it in the comments.


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