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Why We Use Pantheon

Why We Use Pantheon

Over the past 15 years of working in the web industry I have come to see many, many solutions to hosting the projects we spend so much time crafting. I’ve experienced the overworked PC in a client’s closet to the far extreme of  numerous servers in a data center, somewhere we will never get to see with our own eyes. In short, there has been a lot of changes and options available to us to deliver our web applications and sites to the masses.

When we started Cheeky Monkey Media, one of our goals was to be able to easily manage our hosting requirements in away that took very little human interaction to maintain. In those early years we used Beanstalk to manage our code repositories and to handle deployments to multiple environments. We enjoyed the tool because it was a single solution to handle our workflow and we could have our work deployed to any server with a click of a button.

What we didn’t have standardized was the hosting component, and what we needed was a solution to provide the workflow deployment options of Beanstalk and a standardized hosting environment.

Then came along Pantheon to our answer our prayers.

Pantheon is a website management platform which allows anyone to host a Drupal, WordPress,  Backdrop or any PHP based website. We have been a Pantheon partner for almost 2 years now, checkout Cheeky Monkey Media's partner page.

For agencies, they make managing different environments a breeze, and this is the biggest win when switching to their platform. Out of the box you get a Development, Testing and Live environment to work with … for Free. Instead of having a scattered array of development, UAT and production servers, we get to have all that handled in one spot and managing the workflow is only a few clicks of a mouse button.

Here is just a small list of the reasons why we love using the Pantheon platform

  • They make our developer’s life much simpler
  • It is easy for our customers to manage their billing and costs
  • Great pricing and value for the service
  • Pantheon staff are very responsive regardless of the size of a site
  • Not having to worry about a handful of applications to just deploy code
  • Helping reduce our cost of operating by having few applications to manage and pay for

Even though we love their platform, there are a few things the monkeys have on their wishlist to see be part of the services. None of the below are deal breakers, at least for us, but having them would allow us to provide even more value to our clients.

Things we’d love to see be part of the Pantheon platform:

  • The ability to run custom scripts after a deployment to an environment
  • Ability to set up custom emails to be sent to dev team when 500 errors occur
  • Having this system would allow us to respond to errors before they become a problem for our customers
  • To allow Behat to run through Terminus so live testing can happen for mission critical items
  • To get notifications if the production site is down
  • This happened to our corporate site last week, which resulted in it being down all weekend

Overall, Cheeky Monkey Media has enjoyed being able to leverage Pantheon to provide a seamless hosting and workflow solution for our customers.

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