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Wordpress Turns 10

This week has been full of many fond remembrances and kudos to open source blogging platform, and popular CMS, WordPress, as they celebrate turning ten years old. Ten is a pretty major milestone in the monkey world, so we were happy to take a break from the constant WordPress vs Drupal debate and simply celebrate their accomplishments.


As strong advocates for the use of open source systems, we know that WordPress’ role in transforming the Internet towards a more open environment cannot be overstated. Drew Olanoff, of, wrote a nice article recognizing WordPress’ contributions to the open source community. On the importance of building WordPress as an open source system, Olanoff wrote, “By allowing an infinite number of developers to collaborate on a platform, WordPress had the best chance of its peers to reach critical mass. Only developers knew what the hurdles were to setting up their own publishing platform. The competitors had their own idea of what those hurdles were, therefore putting themselves at an immediate disadvantage. It was a numbers game, community vs. corporate. WordPress has won, with more than 18 million downloads of its latest version, 3.5.”


“The power of community,” wrote Olanoff, “especially for developers, is best thought of as a group of like-minded people working towards a similar goal.” Drupal features a similarly passionate following, as do many other open source projects. As community-oriented animals, us monkeys love to play with both platforms. But this week, as we honor WordPress turning ten years old, the celebration and birthday well-wishes go out to the original open source blogging platform that impressively now powers 17 percent of the top 1 million websites in the world.

Happy Birthday, WordPress!

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