WordPress vs Drupal: Who’s Faster?

By rick | Wed, 03/27/2013 - 15:09

Wordpress vs. Drupal is a decision as hard for some as Coke vs Pepsi or Mac vs PC. Luckily, we monkeys are very versatile and enjoy swinging from one to another throughout the day. For those web owners who have to choose, however, there are many different standards that one could use to differentiate between the two, such as field versatility or usability. Some people, however, only feel that need for speed. For those people, there may be no better resource than a recent article on the JMeter Cloud Blog of Blaze Meter examining which is faster - Wordpress vs. Drupal.

The folks at Blaze Meter didn’t hold back, thoroughly examining both systems in numerous possible scenarios. The article’s author, Oleg Prosyanik, wrote about Wordpress vs. Drupal, “Both have advantages and disadvantages. Making the right decision without any pre-testing or reference for possible results is difficult and not recommended. Running these tests are important as we will then be able to better assess between the two configurations and select our best option.”

Tests they ran included setting up two parallel websites (one on each platform) and connecting an application performance monitoring service to test performance and load times in different scenarios. Blaze Meter described the process,

We already configured both our Drupal and WordPress blogs and installed all necessary modules, optimized the sites and added in the content;  a few posts, some static content pages and basic forms.

So we are starting with two nearly identical sites in terms of content and functionality, albeit located on two separate servers with the same hardware configuration. When we run our aggregated test , we’ll get a better idea of the which system configuration is better for our purposes.

After setting up a number of tests including master and slave test components, Blaze Meter got some clear results. “Check out the response time under the results tab/Response Time Graph. The average duration of response for Drupal blog is nearly 14 seconds. For the WordPress blog this number is only 0.52 – 0.53 seconds.”

Under basic scenarios such as those tested here, WordPress was the clear winner. However, Blaze Meter cautions, “Improvement to the quality of the Drupal site is certainly possible with a number of additional optimizations. But these actions involve additional resources of which we are currently low on. So, WordPress it is, at least for these purposes.”

Here at Cheeky Monkey Media, we specialize in Drupal customization that can get your site running how you need it and when you need it. Our engineers here at CMM can get any Drupal or WordPress site running quicker than a slick banana peel, but for the casual do-it-yourself user who only has that need for speed, WordPress may be the way to go.

What has your experience been with load times between WordPress and Drupal?

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