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Business Development

The Profile

Are you an outgoing type of monkey that has a fun-loving personality and draws the party to you? Do you have a competitive nature, and a desire to do what it takes to win? Are you at your best in high-pressure situations where you’re called on to make the difference? And, are you eager to finally reap the financial benefits of your hard work? If this sounds like you, you might have a successful career waiting for you in the business development world.

Cheeky Monkey Media has experienced tremendous growth and we need a proven sales performer or a highly motivated professional to introduce our services to new markets and clientele. Using your own initiative, we expect you to rise to the challenge and make things happen quickly. By proactively creating new relationships and expanding our line of services according to the needs of existing clientele, Brass Monkeys will be expected to target, track and land new accounts for the company.

The Mission

As one of Cheeky Monkey Media’s Brass Monkeys, your mission is simple: bring in as many bananas as you can! This position is primarily commission based to keep the motivation high (we include a meagre salary to feed you – paying the rent is up to you), but your hard work will be rewarded with fabulous percentages.

We are looking for somebody used to being in competitive environments, who has the motivation, flexibility and ability to perform under pressure.

We want somebody that isn’t afraid to rattle the cage, but somebody smart enough to find a more effective path to success.
We want somebody with the confidence to shake off every “no” because they’re too driven finding the “yes”.

And most importantly, we want a person capable of recognizing the difference between a prospect and a customer, recognizing that without great prospecting habits, there can be no new customers.

The Duties

  • A keenness to look for new opportunities with new and existing clients
  • Developing fresh prospecting & marketing ideas, along with successful strategies to implement them
  • Contacting people out of the blue, often repeatedly.
  • Shaking off rejection and powering through the prospecting plan
  • A solid understanding of the sales cycle


  • Listening to clients and determining their business problems, challenges and identifying opportunities
  • Keeping existing clients satisfied and happy by introducing new services to them.

Proposal Writing:

  • The ability to write compelling and creative proposals that demonstrate we are the delivery partner for large-scale digital projects for big name clients in the corporate, charity/heritage, central government and university / higher education sectors
  • Proficiency in written communications
  • The resourcefulness to work with a busy team of specialists to develop collaborative solutions for new and existing clients
  • Comfort with costing profitable deals using in-house templates


  • Negotiation of project contracts
  • Closing and upselling
  • The influence to close deals and negotiate at a senior level

The Qualifications

  • Excellent communication and customer relation skills
  • Familiarity with or interest in Web marketing and/or Web technologies
  • Strong comprehension of technical concepts
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English
  • Outstanding presentation and public speaking skills
  • Demonstrated kick-assery in any field
  • Business or marketing education and/or experience in highly competitive atmospheres are definitely assets
  • PS – we would have put “good computer skills” in here (along with awesome Nun-chuk skills), but if you don’t already have those… well, yikes…

Final Note
If it isn’t clear yet, Cheeky Monkey Media is looking for a go-getter, a fighter, a winner.

While B2B sales experience and education is an asset, we encourage individuals with experience in telemarketing, call-centres, athletics, competitive retail, or even hospitality/serving (waitresses have to be able to power through anything!) to apply. Sales techniques can be taught, the will and desire to use them are what you bring to the table.

Would you like to apply? If so, please send your resume to [email protected]