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Senior Backend Developer

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Note: This is an on-location position only.

Senior Backend Developer (PHP / Symfony)

Cheeky Monkey Media is an established web services company with a track record of delivering great looking and diverse web projects during our more than ten years of business.

We are seeking backend developers to add to our team. We specialize in PHP and MySQL based Drupal development, but previous Drupal experience is not required. A successful candidate will be comfortable with writing and using PHP/MySQL as part of our development team. If you have programming competency, Cheeky Monkey Media will provide mentorship in Drupal.

What’s it like to work with monkeys?

Flexibility: Office hours are 9-5, but as long as we meet the needs of the team and the projects we’re working on this can sometimes be a bit flexible.

Extended Learning: Our monkeys are all about attending events that help broaden our developer horizons. You'll almost always find a monkey at any local networking meetups, lunch & learns, or Startup Drinks!

Fun: We aim to please, but we also have a great time doing it. We've been known to press pause on our production schedule to engage in Nerf battles. Oh, and there's a guy here with over 2 dozen Star Wars spaceships on his desk.

Team Building: In-house developers get to partake in some pretty kickass team meetings. Daily developer standups and monthly company-wide check-ins make sure we're always working together.

Support: We will never let you fall on your monkey-butt.  Need help with anything? Ping our Slack channel and one of the monkeys will answer. Our workflow is designed to help our developers improve and we take opportunities to mentor each other.

Competitive Pay: We value your talent and for that, you shall be rewarded. You can choose to be paid in Canadian dollars, or delicious yellow bananas. (Disclaimer: We do not actually offer bananas as payment. You must exchange your own currency for your own bananas.)

Senior Backend Developer duties would include:
    •    Drupal site planning and building.
    •    Custom module/plugin development.
    •    Development workflow with GIT.
    •    Performing code reviews of other team members' code.
    •    Implementing and using automated testing.
    •    Maintenance and debugging.
    •    Offering technical solutions based on client requirements.
    •    Providing patches to contributed Drupal modules.
    •    Giving direction as a project tech lead.
    •    Participating in a demonstration of completed work.
    •    Mentoring junior developers.

Education and Experience required:
    •    Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or a related field.
    •    Minimum of 4 years of programming/web development experience.
    •    Experience with REST API development and integration.    
    •    BONUS - Proficiency in Drupal site engineering, module development & theming.
    •    BONUS - Frontend experience with HTML/JS/SCSS.
Would you like to apply? If so, please send your resume to