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Senior Drupal Back-end Developer

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

This is an onsite position only.

Drupal Back-end Developer with Cheeky Monkey Media are advanced Web Developers with a strong understanding of open source web technology LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack. Drupal is a large and robust open source framework which Cheeky Monkey Media uses to build web-based solutions for our clients.

The Drupal Back-end Developer is required to be an experienced web developer with Drupal who are able to deliver the following:

  • Custom module development
  • Theme development
  • Member of the Drupal community
  • Mentor to junior web developer learning Drupal

So, now that we have your attention, what are some perks to working with a bunch of people who call themselves monkeys?

  • Flexibility: You get to choose your hours and that’s pretty awesome. Your start time is also flexible. Because we roll like that.
  • Extended Learning: Our team is all about attending events that help broaden our developer horizons.
  • Diversity: Our team is not your average Drupal team. We aim to please, but we also have a great time with it.
  • Team Meetings: The person that works with us locally will get to partake in some pretty kick-butt team meetings. There may or may not be beverages consumed.
  • Backup: Unlike other companies, we will never let you fall on your monkey-butt. We work as a team and never leave a developer behind.
  • Competitive Pay: Our pay scale is competitive, so we won’t leave you out to starve. We value your talent and for that you shall be rewarded.

Senior Drupal Back-end Developer Daily Duties would include:

  • Developing custom Drupal modules using PHP
  • Commit work to GIT repositories
  • Custom JavaScript development
  • Performing peer code review of other team members code
  • Write test scripts
  • Investigating performance improvements and bottlenecks in code
  • Deploy work to different development environments
  • Document technical requirements based on client needs
  • Provide patches to contributed Drupal modules
  • Give direction to members as a projects Tech Lead
  • Implement custom front-end solution for theme issues using HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Participate in demonstration of completed work to client
  • Training junior developers with best practices on PHP, JavaScript and SaSS development

Education and Experience required:

  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Minimum of 4 years Drupal programming experience
  • Advanced proficiency in Drupal site engineering, module development & theming
  • Substantial experience integrating open source and third-party applications into existing systems
  • Advanced proficiency in Linux administration, Apache configuration, MySQL database, design, and PHP web development
  • Intermediate proficiency in hand-coded W3C compliant HTML & CSS
  • Thorough understanding and proven implementation of W3C Web Standards
  • Substantial knowledge of pre-existing solutions and techniques for solving problems
  • Strong interpersonal & communication skills, a positive attitude and team orientation
  • Ability to demonstrate leadership with peer coaching and mentoring
  • Experience exhibiting leadership in client interactions

The Drupal Back-end Developer responsibilities include:

  • Always producing high-quality work and of course following the standards that Cheeky Monkey Media has set for itself.
  • It’s important that you are a deadline-oriented person. You have to be on time and available to take on small or larger projects. At some points in time, you may be asked to juggle several projects.
  • Time management is a major part of your role. It’s vital that you stick to the time estimated to finish the project.
  • Communication is just as important as the air you breathe here at Cheeky Monkey Media. You should be available and willing to chat with other members of the team. 
  • Team player mentality is also important. There are other Developers on the team and that means you should be willing to set aside your differences and work with them on a daily basis. At some point in time, you may also be asked to mentor a new Developer on the team.

The right Developer will also have experience in the following:

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Drupal Module Development
  • SQL
  • CSS / HTML
  • Experience with Drupal and other CMS.
  • Server configuring
  • Experience with source control system.
  • Experience with IDE and Eclipse is a bonus.
  • Education is important, but we will take experience over that any day.
  • At least 3 years of experience in the Developer world.
  • Completing day-to-day Developer tasks
  • Understands GIT and SVN, knows when we say “make a branch” we aren’t looking for a tree
  • Cheeky Monkey Media might have other tasks/programs we need you to learn.

Drupal Contributions

Cheeky Monkey Media has an active contribution time set aside a day once a month to continue to produce large fixes, patches, and improvements on the projects we currently support. As well it is expected throughout a month, downtime will be split between writing and contributing back to the community.

Would you like to apply? If so, please send your resume to [email protected]