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Creative Design

  • 4 years 8 months ago

    Do you want to see what's the latest in modern web design? A new website for a new show is catching the eyes of all those who dare to take a peek. 

    "HBO presumably intended its Web site for Pied Piper — you know, the fictional start-up in the channel’s new comedy, Silicon Valley — as a cute tie-in to the show. But the site also doubles as something else: a perfect parody of modern Web design."

  • 5 years 1 month ago

    Hi there Monkeys! It’s Wednesday, hump day and you know that means you will hear from me. How is your week? Mine is great and I am going to talk about website design for 2014. Are you listening? I sure hope so!  I’ve come across some current trends on how to make your website compatible with the mobile device. This is a pretty hot topic since just about everyone uses a mobile device to browse the Web.

  • 5 years 1 month ago

    It’s a great day today monkeys! I have beneficial news for you, as always! It’s about web design. We talk about web design a lot, but you need to know how much impact web design has on your marketing strategies.

    Did you know that lots of small business owners are also the owners of poorly constructed websites? It’s true. This is simply because they do not understand strong website design. Do you fall into this category? If so, there’s hope! There’s an answer for this, of course.

    You Need To Find a Professional Web Designer.

  • 5 years 1 month ago

    Want to become a successful web professional? There are a few things you need to do, monkeys! Becoming successful in this field is not for the faint hearted. Here are some things to keep in mind…

    Know Your Company and Accept their Culture.

  • 5 years 2 months ago

    Drop your peanut butter and banana sandwich and listen to me for a minute! Yeah, that’s right. More monkey news! This time it’s about tips and tools for developing your web site and we all know that monkeys can benefit from their web sites. Here me out!

    The Basics

  • 5 years 2 months ago

    Hello there monkeys! Hope you are having a great week. I am here with some fantastic news for you! This time it’s about web design. You know that with much of the excitement over web design just lasts a little bit, right? Maybe just overnight or maybe even a few days. Well, by now you have certainly heard of “Responsive Web Design,” before, right? Responsive Web Design isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it is evolving into more of the designing way for the future. Here are a few reasons why.

    A New Trend

  • 5 years 5 months ago

    No web development or design project is going to go perfect. There are going to be mistakes made along the process. But how you deal with those mistakes will say a lot about you as an individual and a company. Here are some classic mistakes made in web design and how you can avoid them next time.

    #1. Priorities

  • 5 years 5 months ago

    The bottom line of creating any website, especially a Drupal website, is to cater it to your users.  People who use the Internet should be able to navigate your website without a problem. So many companies are focused on getting up the cheapest website possible that they forget about the people who will be using the website. If your ultimate goal is to offer a product or service to your customer, then it’s time to make sure your website is targeted to your users.

    How can you do this?

  • 5 years 6 months ago

    Monkey needs change as we age. When the banana starts peeling a little slower, some things just get left behind. If you’re building a website for an aging audience, this is an important thing to keep in mind. Good web design is about customizing the site to your audience’s needs. One of the most unique challenges for many sites with aging audiences is to design a good user experience that meets their increased needs.

  • 5 years 7 months ago

    The main purpose of websites is to build and present content. When it comes to creating compelling content, it can be a challenge for lots of Internet marketers to think outside the cage. Web designers like us specialize in creating the best Drupal sites because we view the empty screen as a canvas, and excel at creating customized design to meet customer needs.

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