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  • 3 years 5 months ago

    When Writer’s Block Happens

    Ugh – some days, it’s easier to put words on paper than others. As a person that spends much of his professional time writing (proposals, website content, marketing documents, ad copy), there are far fewer things more frustrating than the dreaded Writer’s Block.

  • 3 years 5 months ago

    1. Memorable


    A logo should stand out in a crowd. It should be instantly recognisable, either through its form or type. Of course, marketing is what is going to get it in front of people first, it just needs to be sticky when it gets there. There probably aren’t too many logos out there more memorable than Coca Cola and McDonalds.

  • 3 years 6 months ago

    So you have finally decided to create a new website, but you soon realize there is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10 million things for you to understand and organize before you can get started.

    For instance, do you have a domain name? Hosting? Content plan? (you do know what a content plan is, right?) And I just know you have already picked out a Content Management System… yes?

  • 3 years 6 months ago

    The drupal admin menu module is something I use everyday. Recently, I ran into a problem with it.

    I needed to give some users access to some specific menu items, however, no matter what I did, that particular user role could not see the menu items. It only displayed an empty admin menu at the top.

  • 3 years 7 months ago

    The importance of a great office environment is often overlooked. Company health starts with everyone on your team WANTING to come to work. It is ironic that to keep an employee productive and motivated, what they really need is some downtime to chill, relax, and spend a bit of time doing something fun. It could be a friendly game of darts, a good conversation (not work related), or just knowing that a beer is waiting for them on Friday afternoon in the office lounge. (if you don’t have an office lounge, I highly recommend acquiring one :)

  • 3 years 8 months ago

    It is no secret that Drupal is transitioning, or already transitioned, to an enterprise solution. What this means is we are seeing larger and larger builds with massive budgets and hours.

    To muddy the waters even further we are dealing with clients that prefer flat rate quotes. As a Drupal company, or even an independent freelancer, it is very important that we are accurate on our quotes. And since we base our quotes on hours, even for flat rate proposals, it is imperative that we don’t “miss”.

  • 3 years 10 months ago

    There is one thing that is universal in all jobs. Communication. It doesn’t matter what your profession is when it comes to the importance of everyone understanding what the heck is going on . This is something I feel I have always been good at, and great communication has definitely helped my transition into the www.holycrapihavenoideawhatyoujustsaidworld. (Oh cool, I just made a fake link. Awesome :)

  • 3 years 10 months ago

    Are you ready to start planning your website? Know now that there is a lot of upfront work needed to make sure your project is both successful and on time and budget. Probably, the biggest question you will be asked to answer is, what is the purpose behind your website? For instance, is it there to give your company brand recognition? Sell products? Gain followers?

  • 3 years 10 months ago

    I am absolutely shocked that I have been a “noob” now for 9 months! I find myself taking things for granted that would have knocked my brain cells loose back in November. For example, I somehow managed to wipe my laptop clean of all of my “techie tools” that I use everyday for project management (at least I brought my laptop to work...SCORE!) I don’t know how or why the slate was wiped clean, but it was. Instead of the pure panic that I would have experienced so many months ago, I calmly, and logically, started restoring all of my accesses...ALL ON MY OWN. Collective GASP!

  • 3 years 11 months ago

    Monday Morning Motivation

    Ugh, it’s Monday already? What happened to the weekend?

    Well, in an effort to start the week on the right foot, here are a few motivational posts, links and tension breakers. If we can start the week with a laugh and inject a little enthusiasm into a Monday, we’ll be in good shape to keep the Adventures rolling along!

    Come on, it’s easy – put one foot forward, and repeat until we reach the destination marker…

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