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Spencer Lupul

Kodie Beckley

This artificial bio-body-skin that is called Kodie Beckley is inhabited by the millenia old Reptilian alien warlock named Kizslom from the crystal moon of Planet Nilp'taru in a galaxy far, far away.

Cody Misura

With a strong background in web development and design Cody has gained the necessary mechanical sympathy for all things web-related. Stepping into a Marketing role he is able to parlay this experience into a deeper understanding of how people think and interact with online media. The monkeys wanted him for his savvy with social media campaigns, SEO, PPC, and Facebook Ads. Cody (or Cory as Dennis calls him) brings a strong work ethic, an eye for detail, and hard-won marketing chops to the Cheeky team.

CODEC testimonial 5

In the year since the Economic Profile for Agriculture has been in circulation, we have had a great deal of positive feedback on this document’s format and content.  These comments come from industry stakeholder groups that provide programs and services to the agricultural sector to agricultural landowners looking for information.  It was a team effort with Chris Arlidge at Cheeky Monkey to develop a document that was user-friendly and easy to use - ultimately this encourages people to access key information early in their research into owning agricultural land in the Central Okanagan.  Mis

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