The Nonprofit's Guide to Planning a Website

Organizations can't get away with 'just' a website anymore. Websites must initiate authentic relationships.

 Does yours?

Do you know what role your website plays in your organization? Hint - your website is not a means to an end.

How your website fits in your organization's vision

What's involved in a website project anyone? Be prepared for the hidden challenges that await your team.

Become an expert 

Website Planner &

Strategic Thinker

In this guide, you'll learn ...

How to use your website to build connections

Discover how to approach your website as an integral part in your overall strategy, not a task to check of your list.

Your website isn't you or your organization, it's about the people you're trying to reach. Uncover the mystery to build a website that connects with your audience.

How to set a purpose for your website

How to plan your website project

Ready to start reading?

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