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Enhancing the Brand - AggData


The Situation

Cheeky Monkey Media is more than just a simple web development house, and AggData was able to take advantage of a wealth of marketing and creative expertise. The company was in dire need of a new identity – logo, branding, and promotion – and they turned to the branding agency side of the Monkeys for help.

AggData required a new look to reposition their company as a leader in their industry, and to do this they required extensive research, planning, strategy and creative development. The new identity had to correspond with the company’s goals and culture, but still provide a stronger brand that AggData could leverage for future growth.

The Solution

Defining a company’s brand design and identity is no small task. The most logical starting point was in digital research, exposition, and organization. The Cheeky Monkey team worked diligently to define AggData’s main audiences, determine keywords for promotion, and organize information for easy accessibility and optimal user experience. Further to this, it was necessary to audit the existing website content in order to determine what would make it onto a new, more powerful website for their business.

The development of the new site required significant planning as well. A solid Information Architecture needed to be designed, along with determining the appropriate visitor browsing paths. From all of this research and planning, the Cheeky Monkey strategy team gave way to the design team, and an engaging, appealing look was given to the new AggData website. Overall, the Monkeys proved once again that there’s more to the Troop than just powerful Drupal web development.

Typography & Palette Examples

AggData - Typography, Palette

AggData - Screenshot on iPhone / iPad

Cheeky Monkey Media is able to help us in many different segments of our business. Because they have so many experts in different fields, we can go to them with questions on design, technical aspects, or marketing efforts.

~ Chris Hathaway, CEO, AggData LLC (Information Services Firm)

We have greatly enjoyed working with Cheeky Monkey over the last 3 years. They are truly a one-stop shop for everything Drupal: design, development, support, marketing, and more. We even had them come in and clean up after a project went bad with a higher-profile, more expensive firm. I know that if I ask them to help with something they will make sure it gets done and done right, which is all you really want from a partner. And it doesn’t hurt that they are super great people as well.

~ Chris Hathaway, CEO, AggData LLC (Information Services Firm)

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