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Bendix & Invision Marketing

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The Situation

Bendix is a member of the Knorr-Bremse Group, the global leader in braking technologies. Their goal is to provide powerful, effective solutions for improved vehicle performance, safety, and overall operating costs through the highest levels of technology, service and product reliability.

Cheeky Monkey Media was called upon by Invision Marketing, the agency that provides marketing services to Bendix, and tasked with providing ongoing development, support, consultation and assistance for the Bendix website. Running on Drupal 6, the monthly contributions of the Monkeys helps to keep the site running well and efficiently, despite the age of the platform.

The Solution

Each project is scoped on an individual basis, while making allowances for potential obstacles that can occur due to other external development and design work. As the Bendix site was completely custom built long before Cheeky Monkey came onto the scene, certain idiosyncrasies in the code can produce unexpected results and challenges. Rather than exacerbating the situation by building directly on this programming, the development team works with Bendix to reassess the functionality, ensure the key goals are being met, and then develop solutions that enhance the overall site efficiency while accommodating new features.

Each featured request is researched thoroughly to determine if the current set of modules will handle the request, or if another contributed module needs to be used. During the estimation phases, each request is reviewed and approved by both Bendix and Invision Marketing before commencing on the development work. As Bendix continues to grow their site and functionality, the Monkeys have become an invaluable resource in the ongoing work to keep the site up-to-date, in line with latest best practices, and of course, remaining mobile friendly.

Contact Info:

Jeremy Hunt

Account Manager

[email protected],

Skype: jeremy1089

Huge thumbs up from Australia!

It’s been a pleasure working with Cheeky Monkey Media. The process is smooth, easy and enjoyable - even from the other side of the world! Their incredible team has performed an outstanding job on both small and large scale projects for us. They are extremely talented developers represented by very friendly and reliable project managers.

~ Jeremy Hunt, Invision: The Design Agency, Wantirna, Australia

Not only do they deliver projects promptly, but they also respond swiftly, which I find extremely valuable as a customer, particularly one with vast distance and time separating us. I also enjoy the feeling that I'm amongst like minded, honest and hard working people.

I would highly recommend Cheeky Monkey Media for any web development project for absolute top notch work with great service to boot!

~ Jeremy Hunt, Invision: The Design Agency

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