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Red backpack with php, sass, and Drupal written on the front in white, and FOUNDATIOn written on the side, also in white. The cup holder has a MySQL. logo on it.

Web Development and Web Design Services

Whether it's helping you maintain your existing website or developing a custom website; creating the perfect logo, or, developing an application that makes your vision a reality, we will get you the results you want. When it comes to helping you reach your strategic goals, we don't monkey around - that much

We don't just make things that look great, we make things that work great!

Let's make your vision a reality


At Cheeky Monkey Media, we love Drupal. It's a fantastic open source content management framework (CMF) maintained by a dedicated community. This community continually improves upon and releases high-quality modules that expand the already vast number of things you can do with Drupal. As a Drupal website owner, you will create engaging and interactive websites that serve your every digital need.

We were really impressed with their knowledge of Drupal. It is comforting to know that when you bring a project to Cheeky Monkey Media, they're already very knowledgeable. If they’re not familiar with the issue, they'll do research about it. You don't feel like there is a better solution. I can trust what they're telling me. I know that Cheeky Monkey Media has gained the respect of even our internal IT team.

~ Diana Santos, Director of Online Marketing at Brandman University

Over the years, adventurers from many industries (from nonprofits to corporate businesses to sports organizations to post-secondary institutions) have come to Cheeky Monkey Media looking for a partner that could help them with web development and design. While there are many similarities between industries when it comes to web development and design, each industry and organization have a set of unique needs and requirements. We work with you to make sure that we understand exactly what you’re unique needs and wants are.

A lot of the technical things had already been done when I came on board six months into the project. They took the time to patiently walk me through the project. I ask a ton of questions, and they are always very willing to take the time to help me fully understand.

~ V.P. Business Development, Publishing Company

We allow agencies to take on more... Cheeky Monkey Media works with some pretty big agencies, working on some pretty big projects. Whether you are big or small, we can provide extra muscle and expertise. We help you keep on track and stay profitable with the help of our expertise, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Given that more than 50% of people now view websites on their mobile devices, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs right if we didn’t mention that we can make your website look awesome and work great on any screen. In fact, when we make you a website, we always make sure that it has a mobile web design and responsive design.

They were more than attentive to making sure that not only were we happy, but that our needs were being met throughout the whole process.

~ Patrick Davies, CEO, URated (Social Media Platform)

No, we don’t make mobile apps, although we could, if you asked us to, nicely. We build custom online business applications.

Not only do they deliver projects promptly, but they also respond swiftly, which I find extremely valuable as a customer, particularly one with vast distance and time separating us. I also enjoy the feeling that I'm amongst like minded, honest and hard working people. I would highly recommend Cheeky Monkey Media for any web development project for absolute top notch work with great service to boot!

~Jeremy Hunt, Invision: The Design Agency

Graphic design is the art of taking a message and communicating it in visual terms, either through typography (that’s text and fonts), images, illustrations, and layout. These are then composed or laid out in such a way to drive your message home. 

They do very high quality, professional work. The fact that the work can span both digital and print is something we really appreciate.

~Josh Mitchell, CTO, Drupal Association (Drupal Non-Profit)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not rocket science, but it does take time and patience. And, let’s be honest, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. Who has time for that!?

They’re very good about how they track their time. They went beyond what was expected and were very pleasant to work with.

~Tracey Fredrickson, Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission (Government Commission)

Surprise! We are not just a web development and design company. In fact, we have some pretty serious marketing skills hidden in our nests. We can help you with your marketing strategies, creating user personas, your social media strategy, and influencer marketing.

We have greatly enjoyed working with Cheeky Monkey over the last 3 years. They are truly a one-stop shop for everything Drupal: design, development, support, marketing, and more. We even had them come in and clean up after a project went bad with a higher-profile, more expensive firm. I know that if I ask them to help with something they will make sure it gets done and done right, which is all you really want from a partner. And it doesn’t hurt that they are super great people as well.

~Chris Hathaway, CEO, AggData LLC (Information Services Firm)

More great people we have worked with:

The Royal Conservatory
Nature Canada
Corban University
Drupal Association
Environmental Law Institute
Jobs For The Future
Mega Bloks
National Hemophilia Foundation
San Francisco SPCA
Simon Frasier University
Souls Grown Deep
University of British Columbia
Uniworld Online
Volunteer Match

Project management has been excellent. Cheeky Monkey laid out a plan for me in the beginning, and we have weekly meetings to take care of everything. In those meetings, we discuss progress and any changes we need to make.

~ Josh Mitchell, President, The Canadian Heartland Training Railway (Railway Company)